Ridin in Greensboro

Found myself visiting a friend last weekend right near Greensboro North Carolina. “Heck, I’ll bring my bike and find somewhere to ride” I figured there should be somewhere to ride up there. Google gave me some suggestions, I took guess and hoped that Owl’s Roost would be a good trail. Sounded pretty cool anyways.

riding in greensboro (1 of 3)

I was actually rather impressed with how well the trail was maintained, flowed super nice and and kept me interested with a decent amount of trail diversity. The trail was built right next to a lake that peeked through the trees here and there and gave the terrain a nice sloping hill to work with. Never steep, the climbs were small and never hard. I felt the trail was very enjoyable, not challenging, but a great place to either have a chill ride or even crush it as fast as possible when you feel like a small workout. At a low mileage of 4.5, I really felt like this would be a great place to bring a first time mountain biker or even kids getting use to trail riding. However, as I was exiting the trail I saw this sign. And I was confused.

riding in greensboro (2 of 3)


Ummm. I would take a 3 year old with a strider on this trail, but okay. I guess you just gotta legally cover yer assets sometimes.

After that trail you can follow a greenway for about a mile and find another trail called Turkey Hill. A bit more challenging, this was an out and back trail that added on about 9 miles to my ride. Only thing I wasn’t fond of was the fact that it’s an out and back trail. Which means you encounter quite a few riders going the opposite direction as you. #firstworldproblems I so pose it’s not a big deal, but I could see quite a few areas where some unaware dudes could pile it into each other pretty hard.

If I find myself back near Owl’s Roost Ill be sure to take my bike. And despite what the sign says, it’s  great place to take a newcomer to the sport of mountain biking.




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