“invisible” helmet.

I would call myself a traditionalist. I love wearing my helmet and I don’t see a reason to not wear it. It shows at the very least that I’m being a somewhat responsible rider, and it will serve a purpose if I happen to bash my dandy ol’ skull to ground.

I feel naked without it. I do admit I don’t wear it 100 percent of the time. If I were to ride across the street to pick up some chick-fil-a or kick around the neighborhood for a few minutes I don’t bother to strap on that nifty little thing that might save my life. Terrible me, but I should. But i’ll tell you one thing, if I’m too lazy to slap a foam bucket on my head before I get a chicken sandwich, I’m sure as heck too lazy to zip up a bullet proof scarf that look like it might suffocate me in the summer heat.

I introduce to you the invisible bike helmet, called Hovding. You can learn about how it works here. But in synopses, the electronical sensor predicts when you are in a crash through a very complex set of algorithms, it inflates around your head incredibly fast and protects your noggin for a few seconds after inflation.

Dude, I hope you’re not going for a bike ride in that fancy attire. Moving on, you can clearly see how it inflates on the lovely lady.

In testing the helmet has shown to be almost 3 times safer than a traditional helmet, and even helps protect riders from injuring their neck. Pretty cool. Great design deserves great appreciation.

This is for the urban rider, those who don’t want to mess up their hair, or even the fashionable cruiser. Practicable, but really only to them. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself wearing one of these for a few reasons.

First off, $535 can buy me and ten others perfectly safe helmets. Not that 535 bucks isn’t worth my life, but every time I slip up in a puddle, jump a curb or even fall safely, Hovding will be there to instantly inflate 535 dollars down the drain. Like all helmets, after direct impact you should replace your helmet. It’s done its job and should be retired. Same with the invisible one, only you may or may not even bump your head in a crash. I guess time will tell with more user testing and real world riding, but my best guess is that Hovding will be inflating more than necessary in certain situations. Better safe than sorry?

Secondly, I don’t live in Soviate Russia where a scarf is necessary to my daily attire. I would think that Hovding’s neck garment would be more discomforting than any helmet I’ve ever owned. Especially when it’s 90 degrees out.

Finally, I love my helmet, and have never had a problem with any discomfort. And thankfully I like the way it looks on me. When riders complain about the discomfort from a helmet, they most likely need to be fitted on a different one. 100 percent of the time I forget that I’m even wearing one at all.

I really respect the designers of the Hovding a lot. Their ingenuity is incredible and I hope the Hovding saves many lives. But unfortunately I think it’s going to be awhile before I dump my trusty helmet for an invisible one.






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