Commuting is the best

I love riding to work. Man, it saves so much gas. I don’t have to plan how to get a ride in for the day, and I’m in a much better mood throughout my shift.

I give myself plenty of time, I just don’t want to feel rushed. If it takes me one hour to ride to work, then I’ll leave an hour and a half before work starts. The world slows down, I see and think about so much more pedaling 15 mph on my bike than I ever would in my car. The exercise can clear my head, and the physical activity stimulates my mind.

In a car, I feel rushed. “I need to get there now!” says every headlight riding my bumper. An anxious driver here, an angry driver there, all expecting to arrive at their destinations precisely when they want. I see so many people who probably just can’t manage their time schedule very well. When riding into work I traverse mainly through neighborhoods. I can ride on the road no problem, but those same drivers are out there being impatient as usual.

I go from the quite suburbs of MintHill, to the somewhat ghetto hoods behind the deserted Eastland Mall. Continuing up into the lovely little streets like in Plaza Midwood, where every 8 foot patch of lawn is so perfect and manicured, right back into some sketchy neighborhoods in Noda. It’s a small adventure that I can really enjoy, even if it’s the same route each time. The different territories of Charlotte are becoming so familiar with me each time I pass through them. I feel like I understand the changing landscape of the land so much better when I have to pedal up that hill, or get to chill on the flat roads.

If I could, I would do this every day. But there are limitations in life that just suck sometimes. My days are rushed. Off to class at 7am, then to work, then home by 9pm. Those days just wouldn’t work on a bike. But that’s okay, I can accept that it won’t always be possible. But the days I do get to ride, are what probably keep me sane.





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