For the Newbie

Lies about spandex:

People always seem against it at first, but it will soon become your very best friend as a cyclist!

It makes you look weird.

“I would feel too exposed” or “it makes me look like a queer” are common justifications I’ve heard from many guys in transition from short to spandex.  Now there’s nothing saying spandex is a “requirement”, but I would argue that the benefits of wearing a kit (shorts and jersey) are greater than anything else, and that’s why you don’t see a professional roadie outfitted in athletic shorts and a tang-top.

Most guys wearing a kit for the first time just feel out of place. You feel like everyone notices you, but in truth, you blend into the cycling community even more. Your identity will change from guy riding bike, to cyclist. In the long run, the choice to get over the funny look, and outfit yourself in spandex will become obvious. After a few rides, I promise, you won’t want to ride your bike without your new kit.

It’s all about aerodynamics.

Meh, you would think that’s solely why we wear the spandex. There’s no doubt that tighter clothing will reduce air drag, it’s science. But the minimal increase of aerodynamics isn’t really the main purpose. When I’m out mountain biking in the woods, maybe pushing an average speed of 13mph, wearing a full kit isn’t going to change my speed compared to riding in baggy shorts and a loose jersey. But I choose to wear the kit because it fits the activity better.

The best and biggest strength of a kit is the lowers. Also known as the shorts, bibs, or sometimes called diapers. These are literally the best, and heres why, besides Aerodynamics.

Reason 1: Having a tight fit will allow my legs to move around as much as I want, without fabric catching on the nose of my saddle. Legs move quick, a lot of friction is made, and this reduces chafing by about 90 percent. (That’s probably not accurate, but 60 percent of estimates are made out of thin air)

Reason 2: The Shorts are made with a soft, small amount of cushion on the butt and groin. That’s gotta be self explanatory.

Reason 3: They act as a compression sock, aiding a little bit in blood flow and muscle vibration.

Reason 4: When you get all sweaty it doesn’t bother you. It’s so tight against you already you don’t notice it and you won’t have that gross, sticky fabric flapping around.

Another Reason, They make one’s quads a little more apparent. Important for one’s ego!

Only pros wear that stuff.

Sure, Well then why not look like a pro? Dress for the job you want to have, not the one you may have now.



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