Cyclocross season is upon us

I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it, but hope that you have. The sport of cyclocross racing came over from Europe a decade or so ago, and has just started to get very popular in the US.

Summer is officially over, the weather gets colder by the day, and muggy weather is on it’s merry way. Road bikers put up their race machines up awhile ago, and mountain bikers are now training on the road for their off season. Cyclocross purely envelops the terrible weather of fall/winter and provides a gathering for a mix of riders to continue their race bred enthusiasm in the lull of winter.

Usually the courses are set up in parks, wide open areas with a variety of landscape to utilize. Apart from any other cycling sport, cyclocross will require you to get off the bike and get over obstacles, ride through deep sand pits, and hopefully run up a flight of stairs or incredibly steep hills.

The visibility of the race course also makes it very spectator friendly. If you like to watch people fight for the win, race so hard they puke their lungs up, choke on the mud from their competitors rear wheel, and quite possibly pile it into a barrier. You would like it very much. Some people are die hard racers, who won’t let a distraction get in their way, others, like to party on the track. Often you will see racers dress in funny costumes, drinking beer, and taking handups from the crowd. All of which can get you disqualified, but doesn’t matter to your typical cross racer with a bandit attitude.

“Reason 5,252 of why cyclocross is not just a great sport competition-wise…but its also just plain fun.” – Teamstampeedcycling.tumblr

This Saturday is the first of the North Carolina Cyclocross series. I couldn’t be more stoked! I have the suspicion that there’s gonna be way more people racing than last year, and the first one is so close to home I know most my friends will be there to heckle the racers. If you have nothing better to do on Saturday, come out to the first of NCCX and watch me suck.

Event Flyer. (<- terrible design)


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