Friday is for huckin’

Huckin’. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s used a lot in bike-bro language to describe a jump, executed without lameness, and usually with gnarly style. This is a damn good huck (IN FLIP FLOPS)

I don’t own a huckin’ bike. My bikes are mostly for racing, road riding, endurance, ect. But Friday I got to demo one of my favorite companies mountain bikes. The Niner RIP 9 RDO, msrp $7399, full carbon race day optimized, 5 in travel, XX1 and ready to shred. To spell that out for my unfamiliar readers, it’s one expensive ass bike.

I wasn’t completely confidant in huckin’ a 7 thousand dollar pice of plastic in the woods, but my bud Jake reminded me it’s a frickin demo bike, these things get trashed by unskilled customers everyday. I couldn’t hurt it.

I got as gnarly as my non-huckin’ self could and stopped to take a pic once. Well, a vid really, but the still is better.


Okay, so it’s a lame huck. But keep in mind I don’t huck regularly. My little racer boy self needs to get out more. I was probably a little too hyped on huckin stuff.

So that night I hucked off a roof.

As well as two of my friends. One of their hucks wasn’t exactly successful… If you squint hard enough you can see it. He didn’t pull up. He broke his hand. Huck hard or go home.

Video I couldn’t seem to embed 


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