Bro of the week

Meet Oliver, this dude showed up right as I was opening work last Thursday evening.  (Weird hours at the used bikeshop) Oliver had just come from the airport after a long flight from Germany to Charlotte. I was little confused at first because what he had with him was very minimal. Two Panniers, a small stuffsack, and a rear bike rack. He explained he needed a bike he could ride to New York with. He also seemed to be in a little bit of a hurry.

I was like wait a second, you flew all the way here expecting to find a bike and straight hop on and start your ride to New York?? I could tell this dude wasn’t planning on waisting anytime. I showed him our bikes, only had two road bikes his size and he was lucky the rack fit on the one he picked.

In under thirty minutes we got him all set to go. Pitched in a water bottle and extra tube for the road. Showed him a map, and the best route out into the country. He was off in no time, I still remember his parting goodbye in his heavy german accent. “ZANK YOU FERY MUCH, PAUL! BYEBYE!”


While setting up his bags I tried to get as much out of him as possible without sounding nosey. Turns out he bought an RV in New York over the internet and decided before he drove around the US in it he could do a little touring by bike. His free spirit and completely free flowing personality was inspiring. I don’t know if I could just wake up one day and decide to do something so crazy without planning ahead.  I would want turn by turn directions and a list of places to spend the night before I would consider riding that far. But Oliver is a true badass, and his ambition to just do something that physically demanding and unfamiliar is stirring. Way to go, Oliver. I have nothing but respect for you, dig deep bro.


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