Trip Part 3

Take a look at all the pictures of the trail in my Flickr page.

For now, here are some of my favorite spots on the trail.

There wasn’t many views of mountains, but this spot came pretty close. After a days worth of rain, mother nature decided to stop just in time to show off this incredible sunset.

On the last morning, (the day my wonderful friends decided to leave me sleeping) I got to ride by myself until I caught up to them. During this time I ended up stumbling upon a very cool cave way up on the side of a mountain. Haha silly fools missed out on this gem. It probably went into the mountain for at least 150 feet and could probably be home to a few bears. Luckily I didn’t see any. But it was still kind of spooky.

as you can see

Definitely a worthwhile bike ride, easy enough for anyone to ride, and apparently interesting enough to keep a 7 year scout’s attention. Id give the trail two thumbs up. If you find yourself near Galax VA, definitely check it out, it shouldn’t disappoint the average rider or outdoorsman.


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