New River Trip (Part 2)

Missed part one? Well it’s right here.

For the first day we rode 40, then 18, then 35, then a final 22 miles the last day. While those distances are typically a normal ride length for me during the week, I’d have to say it worked out just perfect. With the added weight we were carrying it worked out to be plenty of work, not enough to make me sore, but enough to get me to sleep really good. I can’t say too much for the other guys, James and Andy. I think they had their work cut out for themselves. They must have realized I wasn’t sore because they left me sleeping in my hammock one morning and woke me up right as they took off. “You can catch up to us Pauly.”

I decided to just take it as a compliment. Besides I enjoyed sleeping in, it was Sunday after all.

It’s going to take me a while to fully clean my bike. This weekend wasn’t exactly the driest few days, but thankfully it also wasn’t the wettest of days. I could have done with less precipitation, but the mountain’s unpredictable weather surprised us with rain everyday.

For some reason I get really excited when this amazing mud line develops on my leg, and I get to unveil it when taking off my socks. Maybe it’s just a cyclist thing?

Despite the rain, when the sun shone our things always dried off pretty quickly, and allowed for an enjoyable day.

My food was epic. First night I made tacos from a drained can of chicken chill, a fresh tomato, and cheese I kept cold until we left the truck. As a camp trick, Boil a small bit of water and lay your tortilla over the pot. This will steam it just like they do at Qdoba. Second night was my magnum opus. I don’t think my words will explain how good it was, just look at the picture and imagine how good that would taste while camping. Because everyone knows food always taste better camping. (or maybe you didn’t, but now you should go camping)

Cabbage, peppers, onion, potato, sausage. Smothered in butter and oil, cooked to a crispy, stir-fry-like finish.

let it cook for like two quarters of an hour plus one half of half an hour. Or 45 minutes.

I don’t even know what this is called. I called it good.

A lot of my other meals were completely unexpected. Three of them were from restaurants we found in towns, or right off the trail. The other two were from other campers. There was an obnoxious group of cub scouts that filled one of the entire campgrounds, and left us sleeping in the horse camping area. (we slept in hammocks tho so it didn’t matter much) Never-less they were all little kids and parents and I really had no intent to interact with that group until we realized what they were cooking for breakfast. So we devised a plan.

I skipped my jolly, happy self right over to where the parents were fixin up whatever smelled so good. I introduced myself and faked some small talk asking about the scouts and how cool it was they were taking them biking on the trail and all. Then I happily let them know, “My friends and I all work in a bike shop, so if anyone is having issues with their bikes I’d be gad to take a look at it before yall hit the trail.”

I don’t think it was but two seconds after that one of the moms kindly offered me some breakfast. “Ohh my! I would love some!” We ate good that morning, Sausage, omelets, hash browns, Oj, hell yeah. In return we wrenched on some bikes. I had to get creative on how to work on them tho.

Make shift bike stand but really a lantern post. 

Then that evening at another campsite a group of boy scouts offered us the rest of their chili. Double hell yeah! We call this trail magic.

WERD UP, scouts are the shiz!



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