New River Trip (Part 1)

James and Andy, the old men I went with =P

Our first day we put out the most mileage. Each campsite we stopped at just wasn’t good enough for us, but really neither was the one we chose. It just got dark. So 40 miles into the trail we settled with a muddy, dark, leaf covered site next to the river. Whatever, it was just a place to sleep. On the plus side, I didn’t have to wash my dinner dishes, just left them out on the picnic table for the rain to wash off. I love you nature.

Our next day was an out and back spur to a town called Fries just 10 miles away. The only thing there is a big dam, a bunch of vacant stores, and a few hick locals looking at us city dwellers all weird. Ohhhh Virginia… We did however find a nice little spot to wash up in the river.

Then we pondered on over to the slightly bigger town, Galax. Here the New River Trail Ends, a total of 52 miles from our original starting point in Pulaski VA. (Plus the 10 miles visiting Fries) Our Route. This marked Our halfway point.

The entire trail pretty much follows beside the the enormous New River and uses old railway bridges to cross the river at least a dozen times. I really enjoy the old architecture of these. There are even two places on the trail where you go through some very cool, anciently old feeling tunnels.

New River 2013 (9 of 76) 

Besides just the cool man made ‘artifacts’  there was plenty of country side scenery to take in. But I’m not going to lie, the entire trail looks all just the same when you’re in the woods. None the less, this here what most of the river looked like.

The whole trip really went by fast, all the events are blurring together in my mind, but we had an awesome time. I have many more details to share with yall, but they wouldn’t fit in what I consider an appropriate blog length. Sit tight yall.


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