Tomorrow is so far away!

My anticipation is at it’s peak right now, as I just finished packing for the New River Trip and am as ready as ever to get-a-pedaling!

It was a rather long time spent walking around the grocery store, but I finally decided on my gluten free meals. It’s been a past tradition for me and my pals to plan the best meals ever while camping, take picture of it all, and make campers jealous of ours delicacies while they slurp down dehydrated meatloaf out of plastic bags. Yuk.

So with fewer options, and not quite the selection I had before my dietary restrictions, I think I’ll still be eating pretty well. Specifics will be sure to come, but for now here is what I’m packing.

Before Trip  (1 of 7)

That pile (which is so neatly organized) would be a lot smaller if I was on foot, but that’s the beauty of pulling weight, not carrying it.

Everything else needed all packs neatly away into my Hyalite panniers. Two thumbs up on this waterproof set of panniers! Only complaint I might have is that it’s super easy to pack more than I need with all that space. Those are of corse on the rear racks and I got my camera bag mounted up front for easy access while on the trail.

Hyalite Rear Panniers Before Trip  (7 of 7)

It’s such a short trip, extended into way more days than needed, but I’m so pumped to get into the mountains and chill for the weekend! See you Sunday!



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