Easy Peasy

Its been too long since I’ve gone bike packing. (Like backpacking but traveling with bicycles) It was last september, my fellow coworkers and I took a weekend to explore the Green Brier River Trail in West Virginia. Yes thats right, WEST Virgina, where the inbred zombies lurking in the forrest play banjos and like to feed on stupid college students who took a wrong turn…

This year we are head up not as far, but still in Virginia To the New River Trail. Both of these are Rails to Trail Parks, where old railway paths have been converted into very long greenways. Another familiar one is the Virginia Creeper Trail. Considering railways never have steeper inclines than about 1 percent grade, these trails make for an awesome and easy day of pedaling. Last September we did 180 miles of this flat terrain. I prefer the longer distances, but this time it will only be 114mi, or 183 Kilometer. Yeah, I like how that sounds better.

So it will be a relaxing trip for me. Not so sure about the other guys, they seem to be a bit overwhelmed at 45miles (72km) for the first day. So to try and even it out a bit I’ve decided to take my single speed. They can use those shifty things which apparently make life easier.

One trouble Im currently investigating is what to bring to eat. On my past adventures/camping I’d take tons of pasta, ramin noodle, baguettes and literally gluten everything. So it will be interesting to see what I can come up with for three days, non refrigerated meals that wont bore me to death.

And on that note, I think I’m nearing my forth week of Gluten freeness. This trip will be good to see how badly my Joints will flair up. Fingers crossed.


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