For the past 4-5 years I’ve struggled with an inevitable sharp/stabbing pain in my Hip(s). Lasting for weeks at a time, the pain isn’t really like any other pain I can specifically relate it to. It’s always confused me SO much and the cause of it has been the mystery for that past few years. While it might go away for a few months at a time, it can sometimes come on harshly and stay for multiple weeks, constraining me from walking comfortably, or being able to move with assurance. This also stops my cycling -_-

About a year ago we were able connect it to my cycling and figured that it was over worked/very tight muscles induced through excessive cycling. Physical therapy seemed like it was helping, but to no end the pain would come back after just a few rides.

Lots of stretching, Yoga, physical therapy, chiropractic care, none of these were solving any problems.

Last month I decided to take the next step beyond muscle related specialist and get an opinion from a orthopedic doctor. I wasn’t surprised to find out after a painstakingly expensive MRI that there was a heavy fluid build up and inflammation in my SI joint. This directly points to either EXCESSIVE overuse OR an rheumatism/ arthritis disease.

Sounds bad I guess but I couldn’t have been more happy to at least narrow this stupid problem down. The next step would be to see yet another specialist but due to Insurance, monies, blah blah not your problem; Ive decided to see if I can remedy this on my own and potentially see if there is an allergy or intolerance to something that I have that is causing this unexpected arthritis (or whatever) which is so abnormal for a 19 year old like myself.

I did my research, and other people have had rheumatic arthritis spur from gluten allergies. It randomly choses a spot in the body settle and devour your joints. I know gluten is terrible for anyone, and as of today more and more people are developing extreme and bizarre allergies to this majorly genetically modified grain.

So almost three weeks ago I stopped all gluten and have been clean as far as my knowledge. I plan to do this at least two months straight to completely cleanse my body of this sticky substance and see if there is any results, depending on how difficult it becomes, hopefully I’ll stay gluten free much longer as it’s really terrible for you anyways.

I can’t wait for the day that I’ve solved this more than irritating, incredibly deterring pain and can start training again. Its quite a long shot but I’m crossing my fingers on this one and ill just have to see how it goes. Until I can get blood tested and afford a specialist it will be NO GLUTEN FOR ME!

Ps: Also excluding GMO’s, heavy sugars, chemical stuff, and highly processed foods.


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